Hello there!

My name is Marte Løge and I am the creator of InkTemplate - thanks for stopping by. I'm a Norwegian sailing digital nomad - meaning I live in my sailboat 'Hello World' while traveling the world working as a software developer. Currently sailing around in the Caribbean. I work as a freelancer and create software and apps. I hope you enjoy InkTemplate and please say hello (at) inktemplate.com if you have something on your mind.

What is InkTemplate?

InkTemplate comes from 'ink' and 'template' - that's basically what we are! We make templates for cards that you can print on paper with ink. We provide a big range of designs so you can create the perfect print for your event. Create content once and we will prepare the print for you to cut. It's a cheap 'Do it yourself/DIY' method. We offer the help to create table cards, invitations, name tags, and a number of other templates that you can print yourself. I'm sure you will find a design and product that suits your event! I personally wish you the best of luck with your event :)